Oversize Jacket


Elegance and simplicity are the focus of the design. Printed design makes you look so beautiful, casual, fashion, and different. Perfect for outdoors, vocation, daily wear, and flattering on all body types. 


  • Received in the Special Glesos Packaging ( Ambassadors Only )
  • Not available at local stores.
  • Glesos Exclusive.
  • Check Our Size Chart and Policies Carefully.

Jacket Size

Pants Size

C2405W0E800 (2)C2405W0E800 (3)C2405W0E800 (4)C2405W0E800 (5)C2405W0E800 (6)C2405W0E800 (7)C2405W0E800 (9)C2405W0E800 (11)C2405W0E800 (13)C2405W0E800 (12)C2405W0E800 (8)C2405W0E800 (10)

P1123W0D实拍图 (11)P1123W0D实拍图 (12)P1123W0D实拍图 (13)P1123W0D实拍图 (14)P1123W0D实拍图 (6)P1123W0D实拍图 (7)P1123W0D实拍图 (10)P1123W0D实拍图 (9)P1123W0D实拍图 (1)P1123W0D实拍图 (2)P1123W0D实拍图 (3)P1123W0D实拍图 (4)P1123W0D实拍图 (5)

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